Winfield auxiliary puts fund-raising prowess towards new CT Scanner at KGH

Winfield ladies joining forces with hospital auxiliaries around the region on new fundraising initiative

The Winfield Hospital Auxiliary has partnered with hospital auxiliaries around the region to begin raising funds for a much needed CT Scanner for Kelowna General Hospital’s emergency department.

A relatively small group of 11 fun-loving and hard-working members, the Winfield Auxiliary has raised $115,000 over the past several years and will now add its considerable fund-raising prowess to try to help KGH.

The Winfield Hospital Auxiliary began raising funds in the area in 1956 and has worked towards many different goals over the years.

According to the auxiliary, a CT Scanner for the KGH emergency department would help in many different ways, such as:

•Cardiac patients can be assessed right in emergency and the new CT scanner will utilize leading technology to give doctors the most detailed picture of a heart possible. This high quality image will provide accurate assessment of chest pain right in emergency for all patients experiencing heart attack symptoms.

•When every minute counts, stroke patients can receive an emergency CT scan. All stroke patients must undergo a CT scan of their brain to determine if a drug can stop the stroke. Doctors only have 4.5 hours from the time symptoms begin to try to completely reverse the common results of a stroke such as weakness on one side or the inability to speak.

•Trauma patients, the most critically injured, will receive faster treatment. Acute patients with potentially unstable fractures and bleeding sites will no longer have to be transported outside of emergency. The new CT scanner, adjacent to the trauma unit, provides doctors immediate access to high speed images. The result will be confident diagnoses, immediate treatment and better outcomes.

•All patients will benefit from higher image clarity and lower radiation doses. New state-of-the-art CT scanners merge high image clarity with up to 50 per cent lower radiation doses. The benefits of dose reduction are significant, especially for the most radiosensitive patients: Children and young women. In addition, it will reduce the hospital’s overall wait list by providing more available scan time for interventional procedures like biopsies and quicker discharge of inpatients.

To help with the purchase the Winfield Auxiliary will hold a ham dinner (and other options) on March 29 at the Winfield Senior Centre.

Tickets are $10 per person. To reserve a seat for dinner and/or request catering services for an event, please contact Connie at 250-766-3026 or Vi at 250-766-5507.

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