Wildfire update from BC Hydro

Crews complete restoration efforts, replacing 900 pieces of equipment

Over the past three weeks, nearly 200 BC Hydro crews, contractors and support staff have been working around-the-clock to restore power, and replace or repair equipment damaged by wildfires in the Central and Southern Interior. BC Hydro expects to complete all damage repairs today.

Power has been restored to over 49,000 customers affected by wildfires since July 7. BC Hydro has also replaced nearly 900 pieces of equipment, including:

· 371 distribution poles · 261 spans of wire · 159 cross arms

· 54 transmission structures · 51 transformers

BC Hydro has identified residential and commercial customers located in evacuation areas and will apply an automatic credit to their account for the electricity consumed during the period they are out of their home due to evacuation order.

BC Hydro said they will also work with those customers who have been evacuated or placed on evacuation alert to defer bill payments, waive late payment charges and set up a flexible payment plan. Call 1 800 BCHYDRO (1 800 224 9376) for more information.

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