Who is running in Summerland's election?

Who is running in Summerland’s election?

Introducing you to the candidates asking for your vote on Oct. 20

  • Oct. 21, 2018 12:00 a.m.

Toni Boot, for mayor

My name is Toni Boot. When I graduated from Summerland Senior Secondary, I left town vowing I would never live here again. It’s funny how having children changes your perspective. I returned to Summerland and both my boys graduated from the same school I did.

I instructed at Okanagan College in Penticton and Kelowna, before joining two partners to found and operate Kettle Valley Dried Fruit Company. In 2005 I founded Grasslands Nursery, which I operated for ten years before selling to a local young couple.

I was first elected to council in 2014 and appointed as council liaison to the Chamber of Commerce and the Water Advisory Committee. I also serve as an RDOS director and chair of the Okanagan Similkameen Healthy Living Coalition (a non-profit serving the RDOS area).

I am running for mayor because I have a strong Vision for Summerland, one that will honour our history and shape our future. I have lived experience here — in business, governance, and as a volunteer — and have a deep fondness for this town. Equally important, my well-rounded experience makes me the ideal representative for Summerland outside our community.

Janet Peake, for mayor

My name is Janet Peake. I have served the last four years as a councillor on the District of Summerland council. I am active in the community. During this term, I have been a liaison to the Chamber of Commerce, the art council, the heritage commission, the KVR, worked with the cultural plan task force and the Trail of the Okanagan committee.

Previously I was 19 years on Municipal Council in the District of Muskoka, Twp. of Lake of Bays in Ontario, seven years as mayor, six years regional representative and six years’ local councillor. I will bring experience, dedication and a passion for serving my community. Excellent communicator and collaborator, interested in hearing all side of a proposal or idea.

As the mayor, I will be a strong leader involved with the community helping to create plans to ensure the vitality of the community.

Mark Smed, for council

I operate a consulting and information technology company from my home in Summerland. I work with corporations and provide a variety of services to my clients. I have been very fortunate in my life and appreciate the opportunities I have been given to be of service to my community. I currently am involved with several non-profit organizations and enjoy contributing my skills and knowledge.

Summerland has been my home for 29 years, and I’ve raised two daughters here with my wife. I welcome the opportunity to give back to a community that has provided so much to me.

Claude Gautron, for council

I am a retired teacher who moved to Summerland three years ago. Before that, I had been coming to Summerland on a regular basis since 2007 when some of my relatives moved here. I discovered an area of the Okanagan with amazing natural beauty, a strong sense of community, many cultural and recreational events being held throughout the year, and a friendly place where I felt at home. I am running in this election because I think I can contribute some new ideas to improve our local economy, and I want to help in finding solutions to some of the challenges facing Summerland. None of the problems are insurmountable, and if we have a mayor and district councillors who work well together and work as a team, many things can get done.

Doug Holmes, for council

I am seeking a second term on Summerland council to help continue the work of creating a vibrant and resilient community where citizens are actively involved in local decision-making.

In my commitment to active citizenship, I draw upon my international experience in journalism and business development, including a decade working for Microsoft.

Based in Paris and London prior to coming to Summerland 14 years ago, I was an early advocate of the use of Internet technology in the public sector and author of the book, eGov: e-Business Strategies for Government (2001), an international business best-seller that has been translated into seven languages. I have also been a company director, newspaper editor, foreign correspondent, and CBC radio reporter.

Around Summerland, I am known as the local tennis coach, founding chair of the refugee sponsorship group, organizer of ‘Doors Open’, and a founding member and volunteer of the Ryga Arts Festival.

I hold a degree in journalism and political science from Carleton University in Ottawa, and a post-graduate diploma in creative writing from Humber College in Toronto, and have visited more than 90 countries and all of Canada’s provinces and territories.

Doug Patan, for council

My wife Julie and I have raised our family in Summerland. I’m currently employed as chief building official with the City of Kelowna. I’ve previously been employed by the City of Edmonton as the chief mechanical inspector and with the City of Penticton as chief building official.

During my career, I have taken on a wide range of new challenges related to new development and affordable housing. My career provides me with an understanding of issues facing local government. Throughout my career, I have led many teams and understand the importance of open communication, clear expectations and leading by example. I have experience in dealing with people from a wide variety of backgrounds and professions giving me excellent skills in working collaboratively with citizens, business owners and government agencies.

I will work for the citizens of Summerland by improving transparency and communication on issues coming out of district hall, be an advocate for fiscal responsibility and be diligent and accountable on decisions before me.

Erin Carlson, for council

I was elected to council in 2014 after the land swap issue created a groundswell of interest in municipal politics. I care deeply about my community and the world we live in. Protecting and conserving our land, water and air resources through smart planning and forward-thinking decision making is crucial in the era we live.

I’ve found a balance between work, raising a baby, and participating in council. It has been a challenging, fun, educational and sometimes frustrating experience. All of the experiences have been worthwhile, and I really enjoy participating in local decision making and direction setting. I believe I have more to give and am capable of continuing to help lead Summerland. I would like the opportunity to see through some of the positive advances and projects that are underway and also work on new initiatives that will improve our community.

Erin Trainer, for council

I live in Trout Creek with my husband, Erick, and my baby son, Woods. I love the lifestyle that our town offers and I’m excited about its potential.

I co-own a communications company (ET2media), I manage the Penticton Farmers’ Market and I am the marketing coordinator at Summerland Credit Union. I have a Bachelor of Political Science and diplomas in Broadcast Communications and Public Relations respectively. I also co-run the Trout Creek Community Association and help organize Bike to Work Week.

I am running because I believe our world – now more than ever – needs leaders who are respectful, resourceful and most importantly, who bring people together. Reading news about national and international politics is unsettling. But locally, we still have the power to make meaningful change and to make our communities healthier and more resilient.

I am proud of our council’s accomplishments. Highlights include: completing the Recreation Master Plan, Cultural Plan and Asset Management Plan; building the skatepark; initiating the Solar Farm project; and improving communication with citizens. During our term, we also dealt with major flooding and wildfires. There is still work to be done, and I am confident that I can provide experienced leadership.

Martin Van Alphen, for council

Since moving to Summerland in 1988 with my family, I have been a tireless supporter of this community and have held a number of community leadership positions. From 1991 to 2006, my wife and I started-up, owned and operated a successful collision repair business and we are currently running a diversified small farming operation in Summerland. I believe that the most important skills that I bring to the Council table specifically for businesses both old and new are; enthusiastic support, knowledgeable advice, effective advocacy and old-fashioned know-how.

I am pro-growth, pro-industry and pro-agriculture. I believe that as a community we need to be all-inclusive by providing affordable multigenerational housing options through sound municipal policy and appropriate zoning to contribute to our economic growth and success.

I believe that we need to continue to look at alternative revenue sources other the traditional rise in taxes by enhancing our relationships and collaborating with other levels of government to upgrade our failing infrastructure.

I believe that our community must create a realistic action plan to diminish the devastation created in the Eneas Creek watershed year after year.

I believe that the new Summerland municipal council must renegotiate the two-tiered water system that currently negatively impacts Agricultural operations.

Richard Barkwill, for council

I was born and raised in Summerland and returned to Summerland permanently in the year 2000. I currently work as an auditor and live on a small farm in Summerland.

Summerland is not the same small town it was when I grew up and is not the same now as it will be in the future. I am running for council to have a role in shaping the future of Summerland. Change is inevitable, so we must make sure the changes that occur reflect Summerland’s values. Our leaders need to be able to deal with today’s issues but also set the stage for the future.

Ron Kubek, for council

Retired from a successful career on Vancouver Island, Ron joined the Summerland community in 2016 when he bought a vineyard to go into business with his award-winning winemaker daughter and her husband. He has spent the last 22 months establishing a new business, encountering the pros and cons of Summerland’s permitting, licensing and rezoning policies. While new to Summerland, Ron has an established career as a successful entrepreneur and serving his community. He served on the Sidney town council from 1985 to 1990 and on the council in the District of Central Saanich from 2008-2011. Ron will combine his previous council experience with his business acumen to enhance Summerland’s procedures on business development and improve the area’s infrastructure to support economic growth. Additionally, as he did before, Ron will donate 100 per cent of his council salary and decline any benefits. “I am not serving to get paid. I am serving to make a difference.”

Dave Stathers, for trustee

As a recently retired teacher, I am ready to take on a new challenge. I bring thirty years of teaching experience and a decade of news journalism to the task. Many of you may know me because I have taught you, your children, or even grandchildren in some cases. I taught history, law, civics and social studies at Summerland Secondary School and coached basketball to both boys and girls for almost three decades. My three children went to all four schools in Summerland and we enjoyed the community spirit of this incredible place to live! I decided to seek election this fall as school trustee because I wanted to keep involved in education and I wanted to see change. For too long, I watched as some of our local trustees began to ignore their commitment to their local constituents. I watched as Trout Creek School almost closed, I saw Penticton schools get new facilities while ours grew old, and I witnessed a quiet school board do nothing during two recent school strikes. I knew I could do better and I hope to get a chance.

Julie Planiden, for trustee

I am currently serving my first term as a school trustee for the Okanagan Skaha School District. I have lived in Summerland since 2008 and recently moved to Oliver to be closer to my full-time job in the wine industry. I am currently the vice chair of the board and have served as the provincial council representative to the B.C.School Trustees Association for the past three years. Both of these are elected positions from within the Board of Education. I have been involved in the schools in Summerland and in five different districts around the province for the past 20 years as the chair of various parent advisory councils and district parent advisory councils. I was part of a small group of parents who raised the necessary $50000 for a new playground at Giants Head Elementary and also instrumental in starting the “I Can Be… Legacy Fund ” at Summerland Middle School. Summerland is an amazing community with so much potential for students to pursue their passions. I feel very fortunate that my daughters were able to complete their education in Summerland and know the power of a small community to accomplish great things.

I am running for school trustee again because students matter and they are always doing incredible things. We all as a community need to support them and the many people in the schools who make the difference every day in those students lives. Education is the most important legacy we can provide the next generation and I strongly want to be a part of making that happen.

Linda Van Alphen, for trustee

For the past sixteen years, I have been honoured to serve as a Board of Education Trustee for the Okanagan Skaha School District.

As a trustee liaison, I have attended and reported to the parent advisory councils of all four schools in Summerland and some schools in Penticton. My liaison positions have also included the Summerland Child & Youth Committee, the Summerland Chamber of Commerce and the Okanagan Skaha Early Years table. I have held every position of the Board including three years as chair and three years as vice-chair. Regionally, I was president of the Thompson Okanagan Branch of BCSTA for a three-year period. On the provincial level, I have served on the BCSTA Education Committee, the B.C. Public Schools Employers Association and continue to be a member of the legislative committee. Even after this length of time, I still have the energy and enthusiasm to continue to serve the students in this district.

Locally, I have been a committee member of Summerland Asset Development Initiative, Summerland Healthy Community Initiative and the Summerland Skate Park Committee. I volunteer at Giants Head Elementary and Summerland Middle School at their breakfast clubs and One-to-One reading at Trout Creek Elementary.

Peter Waterman, for trustee

My wife Claire and I have raised our three children, Sarah, Geoff and Erin in Summerland after moving here 42 years ago.

I am a retired Professional Horticulturist and taught tree fruit growers advanced production techniques. Our family also owned, leased and managed 18 acres of apples and cherries.

In recent years I have spent six years as a councillor and four years as mayor here in Summerland. I have substantial experience fully understanding the need for proper process, collaboration, and cooperation at the board table.

I feel it is time to take a different pathway, as I now have four grandchildren, one in Summerland and three in Penticton. I have a responsibility, and commitment to the quality of education that they receive. Therefore I would like to be present at the board table to have input in decision making.

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