City staff have determined that White Rock's pier is not the longest in Canada.

White Rock pier comes up short of record

City staff determine that White Rock is not home to longest pier

Although it stands out as a beloved landmark of the city, White Rock’s pier does not have the distinction of being the longest in Canada.

In an email to councillors, the city’s chief administrative officer advises that following research by staff, Quebec’s Marina de Portneuf has a pier that about one kilometre long – double the length of White Rock’s.

“I have no knowledge as to whether or not this pier is indeed the longest pier in Canada. Ultimately it is found through time someone else will build something longer, higher, etc.,” Dan Bottrill writes in the email, which was posted to Coun. David Chesney’s website earlier this week.

City communication officer Shannon Levesque told Peace Arch News Friday that city staff Googled and contacted cities in order to find out if White Rock’s pier was the longest.

“City staff spent just over one day on the matter,” she said. “To reiterate, once city staff found a pier that was longer than White Rock’s pier, city staff did not look further into the matter.

“The motion was simply to determine if White Rock’s pier was the longest, not which pier deserved the title. We have no knowledge as to whether or not this pier is indeed the longest pier in Canada.”

The search was initiated after Chesney had put forward a motion on Jan. 26 to find out if the city held the national record.

“White Rock Tourism would be able to invite people to come to White Rock to see Canada’s longest pier,” he said, during his presentation.

White Rock’s pier spans 1,500 feet and marked its 100th anniversary in November 2014.



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