What the Comox Valley have responded to recently

The Comox Valley RCMP recently responded to the following incidents:

The Comox Valley RCMP recently responded to the following incidents:Jan. 24An attempted Break and Enter was reported in the 200 block of Back Road in Courtenay. The resident had been out and returned to find her door dented and the moulding damaged. No entry was gained to the residence. RCMP responded to a report of theft from a vehicle in the 200 block of Puntledge Road in Courtenay. Thieves unscrewed the two taillight assemblies and then stole them from a pickup truck. A report of a single-vehicle collision near the Van West overpass on Highway 19 was received. The southbound vehicle hit a large puddle of standing water on the roadway and hydroplaned. The car went off road right. Minor damage and minor injuries to the driver.A report of a Break and Enter at a residence in the 1000 block of Piercy Avenue in Courtenay was received. The culprit entered the house through the back window and stole several electronic items, cash and medication.Jan. 27A report of a disturbance was received. The report was that two males were walking on the street making noise and were told to be quieter. Their response was to threaten the complainant with bodily harm. A report of a Break, Enter and Theft was received from the contractor of a house being built in the 2800 block of Piercy Road in  Courtenay. The contractor stated that thieves entered through an unlocked door and once inside stole about $800 worth of copper wire. This investigation is continuing. A report of a hit and run incident was received. The male reported that a small compact car backed out of a parking stall and hit his vehicle on the rear quarter panel. The suspect driver was located at home and advised. This matter has been resolved. Jan. 28RCMP attended the Real Canadian Superstore in Courtenay for a shoplifter. The female was alleged to be stealing medicinal products. She was arrested and charges are pending for theft. At 1 a.m. a report of a theft of three jackets was received from an employee of Fat Teddys bar on Mount Washington. This investigation is continuing.The Comox Valley RCMP responded to a theft in the 4900 block of Topland Road in Courtenay. The complainant reported that a vehicle was jacked up and two of its tires were stolen. A portable red hydraulic jack was located at the scene. This investigation is continuing.Police responded to a report of an intoxicated, out-of-control male at a residence in the 1900 block of Stewart Avenue in Courtenay. The male caused damage to the residence, was taken into custody and released once sober.Jan. 30A report of Mischief was received by the Comox Valley RCMP. Unknown persons tore down a large real estate sign just south of the Trent River bridge on Highway 19A in Royston. A report of a burned out vehicle, in a rural area, was received from Thunderbird Security. Inquiries are being made to find the registered owner.Police responded to a call of youths shooting a gun at birds near the Queneesh Trailer Park in Comox. Upon investigation it was learned the handgun replica was an airsoft BB gun. The youths were warned and the parent spoken to regarding the dangers of allowing the youths in public with a weapons such as this. RCMP in the Comox Valley responded to a Break and Enter in progress in the 2100 block of Comox Avenue. One male was seen running from the residence. The RCMP’s police dog was called but did not locate the male. This investigation is continuing. — Comox Valley RCMP

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