WEEKENDER: Crafty Corner – Bags for warm hearts and cold feet

Isn’t there a saying that says “warm heart, cold feet,” or is that hands or nose or something?

Hot Bags can keep your feet warm on cold nights.

Isn’t there a saying that says “warm heart, cold feet,” or is that hands or nose or something?

Either way, I have a cure for the cold feet, or maybe hands and noses.

Ever since I can remember, my mom said that it you have warm feet you’ll sleep much better.

A long time ago, she gave me a cloth bag filled with wheat and said that if I put it in the microwave and heated for three minutes, it would keep my toes toasty warm for a couple of hours. I had always used a hot water bottle or just a bottle filled with warm water but I thanked her and told her I would give it a try – first I had to get a microwave!

A month later we got our first microwave and I no longer had cold feet.

Since then, I have made many Hot Bags (with wheat in them and with rice in them) for my kids and for friends.

I’ve made them mostly out of old clothing; cotton T-shirts, sweat pants and even a wool sweater that shrunk a little (four sizes).

A little bit before Christmas, a friend was giving away some of her girl’s clothes she had out-grown.

I spotted a very funky pair of fleece pants; they had black and white swirls and I thought they would make a fun Hot Bag.

I nabbed them and ran out of the building yelling, “Start the carrrr!”

OK, maybe that wasn’t not quite the way it happened but I did hurry home to start cutting and sewing.

I called my neighbour and asked for some help to pour the rice. She arrived with a “What exactly did you need help with?” look on her face.

I held the bag and she poured the rice in through a funnel. We made five different sizes: an eight-inch square for backs, knees etc., a long one 6×18-inch to go around necks and legs, a 6×6-inch for elbows and sore ears – one with three sections and a small 4×4-inch one that could be used for a wrist support while typing.

Funny, I have always wanted to make a foot warmer in the shape of a foot.

I think the next one I make will be just that.

Use your creativity and make a cool warmer.

Email me a picture at circulation@grandforksgazette.ca and I include it in my column.

By the way they can also be put in the freezer and used as a cold pack.

– Darlainea Redlack has taught a variety of crafting courses across the Boundary and is circulation co-ordinator for the Grand Forks Gazette

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