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Weekend story highlights

Every Saturday, the Capital News highlights popular stories from the week

Every Saturday, the Capital News and Lake Country Calendar will highlight popular stories from the week.

1. The number of lives lost to B.C.’s opioid crisis continues to grow, and they are contributing to a record number of organ donations, according to a member of the B.C. Transplant agency.

Dr. David Landsberg, provincial medical director of transplant services, said there were 121 deceased organ donors across B.C. and that those donations helped save a record-breaking 479 lives in 2017. In the Interior Health Region there were 32 deceased organ donors, compared to 17 the year before.

2. A Canoe family had an unusual visitor to tour their residence Monday night.

A flying squirrel somehow managed to gain entry into their home when it was spotted in the living room by owner Selina Metcalfe.

“James and I were just sitting in the living room and I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. It’s an old farm house and we get the occasional mouse, so I was prepared to do battle. I looked up and saw that it was bigger and for a moment I thought it was a rat and I panicked! Then I saw the fluffy tail,” says Metcalfe.

3. Weather is going to be rough in the Interior this weekend, with snow turning the highways into slush and ice.

Snowfall warnings are in effect Saturday for the Shuswap and Coquihalla highway.

Additional snowfall warnings may be issued later today for Sunday’s storm.


4. Kelowna’s mayor says it’s time the Okanagan started looking at light rail to connect cities in the valley.

Colin Basran, during his annual State of the City address to the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce said Friday with the recent municipal partnership purchase of the former CN rail corridor between Kelowna and Coldstream in the North Okanagan, a possible route now exists for light rail between the central and north Okanagan.

5. A day to celebrate diversity is back for the second year in the Central Okanagan.

Around 200 middle school students will participate in the second Harmony Day conference Tuesday, Jan. 30 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Hollywood Education Centre.


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