Water fountains criticized

One Regional District of North Okanagan director doesn’t foresee the public using water fountains at Greater Vernon facilities and public parks.

Mike Gavinchuk, director for BX-Swan Lake, was the only board member opposed to a recommendation from the Greater Vernon Advisory Committee that RDNO staff be directed to investigate the cost of providing fountains at public facilities and parks in Greater Vernon.

“We’re wrong, in my humble opinion,” said Gavinchuk of the motion, adding he’s concerned about the costs of such a move.

“Nobody is going to walk up to a public fountain for a drink, especially where everybody is so concerned about pollution. We’re not horses.”

Vernon Mayor Wayne Lippert had no problem with the recommendation.

“Putting fountains up inside and outside provides an opportunity for the public to use them,” said Lippert. “I expect they’re not going to be used year-round, so the water can be shut off to save costs.”

While staff will investigate the cost of putting in fountains at Greater Vernon facilities, the debate over whether to continue using plastic water bottles carried on.

Directors, after some discussion, postponed two GVAC recommendations to send correspondence to the federal government to a future meeting.

The recommendations were advising that RDNO supports discontinuing the use of plastic water bottles in the Greater Vernon area, and requesting confirmation on authority over the production of plastic bottles for beverage use.


Both recommendations were sent back to GVAC.



Vernon Morning Star