Water conservation on Ashcroft agenda

Town Council introduces bylaw to outline new rules and penalties for water conservation.

Ashcroft Council began the process of enacting a water conservation bylaw at its Oct. 26 public meeting by giving Bylaw 799 its first three readings.

Water conservation is part of the Village’s Water Master Plan, finished last year and submitted as part of the application for funding for the new Water Treatment Plant.

Included in the Master Plan is the phasing in of water meters, first for commercial and industrial buildings and then with residential after that.

“Generally, feedback at the open house was that people wanted water managed because they see a lot of wasted water,” said Administrator Michelle Allen last year. “People want safe, clean drinking water and they realize that a cost increase goes hand in hand with that.”

The bylaw will put into effect a watering system for residences between May 1 and Sept. 30 under Stage 1 Water Conservation. More limits are put on water use for stages 2-4.

The bylaw also outlines the fines put in place for not following the rules, such as $150 for the first offence of wasting water or unauthorized use of water, and $500 for a third offence.

Council will finalize and adopt the bylaw at a future meeting.

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