Water and sewer rates officially go up

Highlights from the village council meeting of Jan. 23

As discussed at the village’s preliminary budget meeting of Jan. 16, both water and sewer rates have gone up in the village, effective Jan. 1, 2017.

A single-family dwelling will now have an annual rate of $410.19 per year for sewer rates while for water rates a single-family dwelling will now have an annual rate of $406.56 per year.


Crime is up in RCMP Quarterly Crime Stats

RCMP saw an overall increase in activity compared to last quarter, Constable Lee Bellamy noted in his quarterly presentation to village council.

Calls for service had a slight increase of 20 files over the previous quarter.

One of the big jumps for RCMP was in alcohol related events. This number jumped from 13 to 20. This is any kind of alcohol or drug related offences such as driving while impaired.

Total violent criminal code offences including assaults jumped from five to 18, most of which involved alcohol.

Total Criminal Code offences went from 36 to 48, with Bellamy noting calls seem to come in waves. One month could be quiet, while the next month RCMP could receive three or four phone calls.

Auto thefts went down from five to zero with the same thing happening with break and enters.

Mental health had a bit of a jump, going from four calls to 11 . Bellamy said this could be anything from wanting to go to the hospital to talk to a doctor because a person is having bad thoughts, down to suicidal persons.


Nakusp Community Events Alliance formed

A new society has been formed in Nakusp: the Nakusp Community Events Alliance (NCEA). This new society has a long-term goal of creating and producing high-quality events of all sorts for the village.

Even though most of the society members are well experienced in creating events, the NCEA wants to work together with other societies in an effort to create more substantial events.

One such event would take place on July 1. Not only is this Canada’s 150th birthday, it will be Nakusp’s 125th birthday.

For that date the NCEA would like to put on an event that combines music, parades, games, clowns, magicians, face painters, beer gardens and other outdoor entertainment options.


Solid waste control fees and charges to increase

The move was discussed during council’s preliminary budget meeting, and it was decided fees for both village garbage bags and non-residential receptacles be increased. Garbage bags will now cost $3 per bag, while non-residential receptacles will cost $21 per cubic meter, based on the manufacturer’s specifications for receptacle size. Fees will apply regardless of whether a bin is full or not.


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