‘Wait and see’ for local politicians

Barnett eager to hear about natural resources; Richmond after infrastructure funding

As far as seeing changes and political promises being fulfilled by the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government, two local municipal politicians are taking a wait-and-see attitude.

Cariboo-Chilcotin MLA Donna Barnett says any time there is a change in government, people don’t see any changes for quite a while because they have to get in and look at the regulations and what’s in the books.

“I think it’s just a wait-and-see; time will tell; and whatever government is in Ottawa [the province] will work with them.

“I will be watching very closely to see what changes could be made for the resource communities – if there’s going to be more red tape put on natural resource industries.”

Cariboo Region District chair Al Richmond says he’s is quite interested to see what the details are in the new federal government’s Infrastructure program.

Noting he hopes Trudeau puts more money in the program because there are a lot upgrades required in the Cariboo Regional District, Richmond says the difference will be whether he builds on the existing program.

“Governments do a couple things. Either they start a whole new [program] and they throw things out, and if they do that, it’s going to take a lot of time.

“If they build on the existing one, change some criteria but use the same format, then it’s a little easier and it won’t take them long to roll the programs out.

“Right now, we don’t know what they’re going to do. They say the devil is in the details, so we’ll just have to wait and see.”


100 Mile House Free Press