The BC Government’s Rural Dividend Fund extension would help revamp the village brand. (Priyanka Ketkar photo/Lakes District News)

Village to unveil its new brand on Jan. 22

Gets extension on province's Rural Dividend Fund grant

  • Jan. 20, 2021 12:00 a.m.

Village of Burns Lake will be unveiling its new brand and logo soon as per the village’s Chief Administrative Officer (CAO).

“Branding is 99 per cent completed and will be officially launched on Jan. 22,” said CAO Sheryl Worthing.

In 2019, Burns Lake was awarded $100,000 out of the $1.2 million BC Rural Dividend Grant which the village decided to use for re-branding the village and to create murals around the village based on the new brand. However, due to COVID, there was a delay in finalizing the village’s brand which delayed the mural project.

The theme for the murals will be developed and centred around the new Burns Lake Brand. One of the locations for the mural was zeroed in to be the RBC wall along Hwy 16. However, no other sites have been identified for the project.

The BC Rural Divident Grant was given for 10 projects in the north to help fund projects that support economic development and diversification in rural communities through capacity building, and workforce, business and community development. Of the $100,000 given to the village, a total of $27,500 was approved for the mural portion of the project, none of which has been used so far.

The village was given a deadline of March 2021 to complete all the projects but after the deadline, any unused funds would have to be returned to the province. The village had therefore applied for an extension on the grant.

In an email last year, Worthing had said, “The murals are branded murals that will incorporate elements of the new community brand. We were not able to complete the brand in time for summer painting so we asked for an extension to complete in summer 2021.” The request for the extension was keeping in mind that the summer months are ideal for painting murals as they require hot and dry weather conditions.

“The mural is planned to be completed in the summer of 2021 as long as the funding is extended to September 2021,” Worthing had said at that time.

The province has now given an extension until September, to complete the mural project.

“Extension is to September 2021. Planning for the project will begin in late February,” said Worthing.

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