Village of Lumby makes push for flood controls

Lumby officials aren’t giving up despite hitting roadblocks over flooding

Lumby officials aren’t giving up despite hitting roadblocks over flooding.

Mayor Kevin Acton is not satisfied with the response he got from several provincial ministries when he pushed for action to minimize spring flooding.

“There is nothing the province has to offer us and they told us to continue to work with the regional district which we continue to do,” he said.

“One suggestion was to just sandbag every year and that’s not good enough. Why not do preventative work and prevent flooding. It (sandbagging) seems like throwing good money after bad.”

Some residents have suggested that the province needs to get involved because of the impact pine beetle kill has caused in the watershed.

Despite the apparent lack of interest in Victoria, Acton is not giving up.

“We’re not done with the province. There’s no question they have a role to play,” he said.

One of the next steps will be to talk to Eric Foster, Vernon-Monashee MLA.

“We need to discuss the next steps in terms of the province’s involvement,” said Acton.

The Regional District of North Okanagan is also being asked to reduce levels in Duteau Creek reservoirs to accommodate snowmelt and reduce the risk of flooding downstream.


Vernon Morning Star