A western toadlet on the centre line of Elk View Road. (Jenna Hauck/ The Progress File)

A western toadlet on the centre line of Elk View Road. (Jenna Hauck/ The Progress File)

VIDEO: Toads on the move in hills above Chilliwack

Best way to help the mass migration of toadlets is by following the FVC updates online

  • Jul. 10, 2018 12:00 a.m.

The toads are on the move.

So if you’re driving in Ryder Lake, please don’t add to their stress level.

The Fraser Valley Conservancy is asking people to spread the word about the importance of taking the detour on Elk View Road right now to protect the migrating toads who started moving to the forested area on July 7.

“Please respect the toadlets, and don’t add to their stress by being a toadlet sightseer. Even walking along their migration route can scare them off. Best to leave them be!”

This is their message at this time this year because every year there are some who want to witness the mass migration for themselves.

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“While we understand that people may want to get the full toadlet experience by seeing it for themselves, car traffic and foot traffic is a real threat to the toads.

“Human presence, even while walking, can disturb their migration patterns, causing them to waste precious energy,” according to the FVC post. “The residents of this area feel bad enough that they have to use these roads during the migration to get to and from their homes.”

So they say the best way Chilliwack residents can help the toadlets and FVC volunteers, is by staying home. Feel free to follow the posts from FVC staff on Facebook and Instagram.

The toadlet migration is usually sometime between July and August, and lasts about two weeks. During the migration, the FVC asks that people use the voluntary detour to help ensure the survival of this important population of toads, as well as the six other species of amphibians migrating at the same time.

“We monitor the roads daily, and adjust the detour as needed,” according to FVC.

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