VIDEO: Miss Castlegar 2018

Miss Castlegar Annika Cheveldave and Princess Tara Gleboff begin a year of representing Castlegar.

A new Miss Castlegar and Princess were crowned Friday night.

Miss Castlegar Annika Cheveldave and Princess Tara Gleboff received their crowns from last year’s departing royalty before taking their victory strolls and beginning a year in which they will represent Castlegar at many community events.

“It feels surreal,” said Annika Cheveldave after the ceremony. “It feels like almost a dream — I don’t have any words.”

Cheveldave and Princess Tara Gleboff have been friends since kindergarten and are looking forward to growing that friendship over the next year.

“We hope to be good ambassadors for Castlegar,” said Gleboff.

Both girls thanked Carol Sommerville and Catherine Zaitsoff for all of the hard work and dedication they put into the Miss Castlegar program.

The winner is determined through a points system which awards up to 30 points for the five month training period, 30 points from a personal interview, 15 points for the pageant speech, 10 points for the pageant talent display, 10 points for the evening gown presentation and five points for the pageant impromptu question.

This rest of this year’s candidates were Alyssa Dyball, Erin Klashinsky, Kelsea Lockhurst, Julia Waldie, Kiana Clough-Chernoff, Mandi Knudsen and Paige Babakaiff.

Erin Klashinsky won the queen committee training award, Julie Waldie won the runner-up speech award, Annika Cheveldave won the speech award, Erin Klashinsky won the runner-up talent award, Annika Cheveldave won the talent award, Alyssa Dyball won the perseverance award and Annika Cheveldave won Miss Friendship.

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