Mom, Lisa, and brother, Felix, are thrilled to show off Winnifred Jeannette Rittenhouse, the Cowichan Lake area’s 2018 New Year’s Baby. (Lexi Bainas/Gazette)

VIDEO: Meet little Winnifred: Cowichan Lake’s 2018 New Year’s Baby

She arrived early, but everyone was thrilled at the Rittenhouse home at the Lake when she showed up

Cowichan Lake’s New Year’s baby is Winnifred Jeannette Rittenhouse.

She was born on Jan. 2 at 3:41 a.m., according to mom, Lisa, who chatted with us on Friday, Jan. 12 in her kitchen, with son, Felix, checking out the action. Husband, Ben, wasn’t feeling well that day so he decided to miss the photo shoot.

Lisa Rittenhouse talks about her baby

Winnifred arrived early in the morning but before her scheduled date, too.

“She was expected yesterday (Jan. 11). I was going to go in for a C-section yesterday. That was our planned date. But she decided to come a week and a half earlier. Her actual due date was Jan. 17. I had gestational diabetes, and she was breech and big so we knew we had to do a C-section, and we had it planned. But my water broke on the night of Jan. 2, about midnight, and three hours later, out she came.”

And she was a big girl.

“She weighed nine pounds eight and a half ounces. He brother did beat her, though. He was 10 pounds 11 ounces. Big babies run in my family. I also had gestational diabetes with her. But there are no diabetics in my family. I made sure I kept my sugars low and I had to take some insulin.”

Brother Felix was an interested observer during the interview.

“Felix means happiness and luck. He was a very lucky baby, the way he came out, and he’s a very happy boy. His head was so big, that with him, if I hadn’t had a C-section, one of us would have died.”

Winnifred also came into the world by way of a C-section, but it was because she presented herself in a breech position.

“I figure that if she wasn’t breech, she would have come out naturally. She was very long, and big, though.”

Mom and baby both look great now.

“Well, I teach dance so I keep myself fit,” Rittenhouse said.

The new mom praised the staff at Cowichan District Hospital for their kind care of her and her infant while she was there.

“They were wonderful,” she said.


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