A participant in the Aldergrove parade shows some Canadian pride. Dan Ferguson Langley Times

A participant in the Aldergrove parade shows some Canadian pride. Dan Ferguson Langley Times

VIDEO: Canada Day in the Langleys

New Canadians are sworn in, faces are painted and a huge cannon arrives

After 26 years in Canada, Australian-born Langley Township Fire Department Lt. Anthony Moon now has dual Canadian and Australian citizenship.

Moon was one of 50 new Canadians who were sworn in on Canada Day at historic Fort Langley.

Among other things, he said his new status will mean an end to raised eyebrows by some customs officers at the U.S. Border when they notice Moon has been living as a permanent resident in Canada as long as he has.

They have said “really?” and suggested it was perhaps time to become a citizen, Moon said.

Moon would like it known to certain people back in the Murrayville fire hall that the “beer rule,” wherein a firefighter who ends up in the newspaper is required to buy beer for fellow firefighters, does not apply in this instance because his citizenship has nothing to do with being a firefighter.

The last time Moon appeared in the Times as a firefighter, in a live Facebook video, he had to buy beer and food after an argument over whether social media counted.

“You cost me money,” he told a Times reporter, laughing.

The historic Fort Langley site also hosted a variety of Canada Day cultural events including Metis jigging, Bhangra dancing and steel drums.

Just across the street, the traditional Fort Langley Lions Club pancake breakfast was serving fresh pancakes on King Street outside the Langley Centennial Museum and the BC Farm Museum.

In Aldergrove, volunteers from the Aldergrove-based Museum Of The Armed Forces took part in the Canada Day parade with some armed personnel carriers and other hardware.

After the parade, the vehicles were on view at the Aldergrove Legion on Fraser Highway, along with a massive self-propelled gun that had to be towed in separately from the parade vehicles.

It marks the first time the Aldergrove Fair Days Society has held the annual community parade on the July 1 holiday instead of during the annual fair from July 20 to 22.

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In Langley City, there was a lineup for hamburgers and hot dogs at the community picnic, with live music, games and other activities presented by Southgate Church in partnership with the city.

At Willoughby Community Park in Langley Township, visitors, many of them children, numbered in the thousands.

Among the attractions was the new Willoughby Amphitheatre stage, built to celebrate Canada 150th birthday.

Performances included Celtic and African music as well as a demonstration of circus skills.

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