Vernon police warn of increase in theft of tools

Vernon police warn of increase in theft of tools

RCMP cuation all to secure their property

  • Nov. 5, 2018 12:00 a.m.

The Vernon North Okanagan RCMP has seen a significant increase in the theft of tools being reported to police over a three to four month period.

Police are reminding everyone to properly secure their valuables at the end of each day.

“A trend police are seeing are tools being taken from vehicles and from job sites, where tools have been left insecure or visible overnight,” says Const. Kelly Brett. “When tools are stolen, it often affects the livelihood of some and can cause significant financial strain on the trades, which is why we want to ensure that everyone is taking the proper measures to properly secure and identify their tools.”

Tips to secure, identify tools

  • Keep an eye on your tools: It’s not easy to watch over your tools every second of the day, however if you know you will be leaving a room or area for more than a few minutes try and secure or put your tools away.
  • Put your name on your tools: Put your name or an identifying mark on your tools by engraving it, making it harder for thieves to mask or resell. Engrave deep into the tool to avoid sanding the name or markings off and do so in multiple locations on the tool.
  • Lock up your tools when you leave for the night: It is best to take your tools home with you each night, however not always practical. Do not leave the tools in your vehicle. Use a job box for your small power tools. Be sure to secure your job box so it cannot be easily loaded into the back of a truck. Chain up your bigger tools like table saws and miter saws.
  • Use technology to your advantage: Add an alarm system to your job box or a siren alarm padlock to your larger tools. Small GPS trackers can easily be hidden in a job box or attached to a larger tool.
  • Write down the serial numbers for all your tools: By recording the serial numbers on your tools, this allows police to add it to a National data bank so when a tool is pawned or recovered, Police are able to track down the rightful owners.

The RCMP are also seeing an increase in the amount of thefts from locked utility trailers and storage containers, where tools are the main target. Securing one’s trailer or storage unit with heavy duty locks and placing the unit where it is not visible or easily accessible is the best theft deterrent, police say.

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Police say if someone is selling tools at a very low price, the chances are they are stolen. Check to see if the tools have names or markings on them. Don’t buy tools out of the back of a truck or from someone that one doesn’t know.

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