Several places in Telkwa were sprayed with graffiti over the weekend including the crosswalk under the highway.

Vandals tag Telkwa

Several places in the Village were sprayed with graffiti over the weekend.

Several public places, private homes and cars were vandalized in Telkwa last weekend. Many community spaces and vehicles were sprayed with graffiti, including the band stand, the crosswalk under the highway and the municipal building.

“We’ve had vandalism over the three terms that I’ve been involved [in council] but never to this extent,” said Mayor Brad Layton. “There will be some cost to clean it up and with all the private residences, there will be ICBC claims with all the painted cars.”

Layton said he isn’t sure how much damage has been done or what it will cost to clean-up yet. He is waiting for a full staff report on everything that got tagged.

He added council really needs to address this and be proactive.

“Historically, it shows, if you don’t have things for youth to do, lots of times it turns to stuff like this. It is something we’ve discussed here a couple of months ago, getting a few youth things going.”

The Interior News has reached out to the RCMP for comment.

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