A pair of cowboys queued up at the Tim Hortons on 64 Avenue and 176 Street in Cloverdale during the recent snow storm. Did the horses get a treat too?

Two cowboys pony up at the Cloverdale Timmy’s – and Leader readers drink it up

How do you get around Surrey when the snow piles up? A little horsepower, of course.

When a pair of cowboys sidled up to the drive-through window at the Tim Hortons in Cloverdale (64 Avenue and 176 Street during last week’s blast of snow on Feb. 7, Surrey’s Greg Carmichael snapped a pic (above).

The Leader shared it on our Facebook page – and readers clearly loved it.

Along with some witty comments (“Eight sugar cubes to go… eh,” quipped Dave Cripps), nearly 200,000 people have viewed this classic Canadian image online.

In case you missed it, we’re sharing it again here. Enjoy!

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