Truck breaks apart as its pulled from river

White outs and icy roads caused crash near Princeton

Crews were hard at work Tuesday pulling a tractor-trailer out of the frigid waters of the Similkameen River near Bromley Rock.

The truck – carrying pulp – slipped over the embankment and into the river December 28.

According to RCMP Sergeant Barry Kennedy the driver of the loaded truck and a passenger escaped injuries.

“He was westbound from Hedley and he slowed to approximately 60 km an hour. As he rounded the corner near Bromley he noted a vehicle ahead of him that was almost stopped due to white out conditions,” said Kennedy.

“He braked and came to a stop. The trailer began to slide sideways on the ice and the trailer slid into the ditch and over the embankment pulling the truck with it.”

There were no charges. Highway 3 was closed Tuesday afternoon for the removal.

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