View of the Trail Sk8 Park the first week of a October. Guy Bertrand photo

View of the Trail Sk8 Park the first week of a October. Guy Bertrand photo

Trail Sk8 Park will open by end of October

The grand opening celebration will likely be delayed until warmer weather in the spring

Heads up skate boarders – you’ll be practicing 360 flips and ollies in the Trail Sk8 Park by month-end.

The city’s Trisha Davison said there’s been no obstacles to the build, which began by the Gyro Park boat launch in mid-July and has an end-of-October finish date.

“The crew has been fantastic,” she told the Trail Times.

As far as community feedback, Davison hasn’t heard much chatter but she has seen a lot of interest right at the site.

“When I visit the park there are always people there watching the construction and they are mainly seniors,” she said. “It is great to see their curiosity and interest. I saw a few kids with boards down there today. Many have been surprised at the size, which is bigger than they thought, and they have an interest in seeing how this type of park gets built.”

With cool weather blanketing the region already, there will likely be one alteration. It won’t be to the park construction, rather to its festive grand opening.

At the behest of the city’s event planner, Trail council has been asked to delay the special daytime affair until next spring.

“Although the Trail SK8 Park will be open for use at the end of October 2018, it is not desirable to host a grand opening event,” began Andrea Jolly. “Which is intended to be family‐friendly with a fun, engaging and celebratory tone, before the completion of the park’s landscaping and so close to winter,” she reasoned.

“Once the landscaping is complete and the warmer months have arrived, the city and its event committee can properly showcase the park’s features and landscaping with a well‐deserved special event. With the long history of getting the skate park built, a spring event will better acknowledge this significant milestone in the city.”

Council members will decide upon Jolly’ request at tonight’smeeting.

The scope of work for builder New Line Skateparks, includes completion of all hardscape surfaces, landscape remediation immediately surrounding the park and spectator area, and installation of the donor and branding plaques.

Trail public works will begin some preliminary landscaping work on the grounds adjacent to the skate park this fall, to both beautify this part of the site and better define the boat launch area.

Jolly said, “The goal is to maintain access to the skate park to the public while this work continues as weather permits.”

Next spring, the plan is to further landscape adjacent land by planting greenery and installing park furniture in addition to mounting the official council dedication plaque, which includes the names of the current mayor and councillors.

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