Town Council candidate - Dallas Magrum (Photo credit: Creston Valley Advance)

Town Council candidate – Dallas Magrum

I will listen, be respectful, honest and transparent. I will communicate, be realistic, engaged, fair, objective, and open-minded.

  • Oct. 11, 2018 12:00 a.m.

What will the next four years of Town Council bring? Actually, several things! Economic sustainability continues to be a top priority for the citizens of Creston. We need good paying, full-time, year-round jobs to attract young families to Creston so we can continue to provide sustainable growth. Good paying jobs will, in turn, allow for the support of local businesses. Working with the Official Community Plan, we must find a balance with small business and industry. Partnering with the Chamber of Commerce, local businesses, the Lower Kootenay Band, and RDCK, we can explore economic development opportunities. We are concerned about our Town’s spending decisions. A new council will, of course, learn what services are being provided now, what services we will need in the future, and what level of service our community expects.

What do we spend to maintain the services we have now? Can we find efficiencies? How does this impact the Official Community Plan? Questions I will be looking for answers to. How do we best communicate with citizens? We need feedback on the best way to get information to our citizens. Communication is key. Flyers in the mail have been a positive addition. An update to the Town website would make it more user-friendly. We should continue to promote the use of the “Notify Me” for citizens to subscribe to information – as long as it is relevant. The Town Facebook page has been a great source of information.

How can I represent you with all of this? I will listen, be respectful, honest and transparent. I will communicate, be realistic, engaged, fair, objective, and open-minded. I have decades of experience with municipal processes. Additionally, for over 25 years, I worked in procurement. I have worked with quotations, tenders, purchasing of goods, and projects. Facts and accurate information are the basis for making informed decisions!

Now, what everyone is waiting for. Fire hall referendum – yes or no? Yes, of course! The information presented by the Fire Hall Advisory Select Committee (ASC) was clear, concise and detailed. The square footage required now and into the future was determined using provincial comparisons and norms. The Altus Group Construction Cost Guide was used to calculate the cost per square foot. We now have the two things we need to determine the maximum cost of a new fire hall – the square footage and its cost. The Town of Creston has held three open houses fully detailing these costs. I have done the research and understand the numbers. I support any cost-lowering measures we can pass onto taxpayers. The building is expensive but we must build a new fire hall that will be a safe and functional workplace for both our firefighters and our community. Once the referendum is approved, the fun starts – a citizen committee will be formed to start the process of how it will be built.

All candidates will have important, perhaps different points to share. That’s what makes a great Town Council team.

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