TOL backs ALR exclusion at TWU

Last November, the Agricultural Land Commission granted conditional approval to Trinity Western University’s application to exclude 13.59 acres of land on the north and south side of Labonte Crescent.

The Township supported the application because expanding the campus of the independent Christian university ensures its continued viability.

The approval came with the proviso that Trinity apply to have additional portions of two of the parcels, which comprise mainly of riparian and wetlands, excluded from the Agricultural Land Reserve.

Approximately 55 acres still in the ALR will be used for agricultural, environmental research and development programs. A smaller parcel will  be used for parkland and outdoor classrooms.

The ALC concluded that the much of the land in TWU’s application “is not suitable for agricultural use (and) that sections of land fronting  Labonte Crescent and Glover Road, and which are to stay within the reserve, are “steep, riparian land and not suitable for agricultural use.”

On May 16, Township supported Trinity’s application to exclude two other areas.  This application was made to meet a requirement made by the Land Commission as a condition of its earlier approval.

The land will have to be rezoned, but before that happens, a process  for the ‘University District’ and an amendment to the Rural Plan must  be completed. The University District is envisioned as a development that will complement the campus, and would include components such as residences.

After Trinity has submitted a rezoning application, a public process,  including public hearing, would follow to address land use,  transportation, servicing, park, trails, and other environmental issues, said senior development planner Robert Knall.

Trinity has not yet submitted a rezoning application.



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