(Monica Lamb-Yorski photo)

(Monica Lamb-Yorski photo)

Three senior staff announce retirement from School District 27

Harj Manhas, Jerome Beauchamp and Sylvia Seibert-Dubray are retiring

School District 27 has announced the retirement of three senior staff members effective July 31, 2020, who together have 103 years of experience in the education system.

Assistant superintendent Harj Manhas, director of instruction (elementary) Jerome Beauchamp and director of instruction (student support services) Silvia Seibert-Dubray are all planning to retire at the end of the school year, leaving big shoes to fill.

“The District extends its gratitude to Mr. Manhas, Mr. Beauchamp and Mrs. Seibert- Dubray for their years of hard work and dedication to the District and students of School District 27,” stated Superintendent Chris van der Mark in a news release. “They will be missed, but we wish them many happy, healthy years of retirement.”

Here is a look at background, provided by the school district.


Mr. Manhas was hired as a new teacher in 1988. His career included teaching assignments at Anne Stevenson and Columneetza. In 2000 he was appointed Vice-Principal at WL Secondary, followed by principal at Columneetza in 2003.

While at Columneetza, Mr. Manhas was instrumental in the design and re-build of the shops following the fire.

In 2007 Mr. Manhas was appointed District Principal (Admin.) followed by appointment to the position of Assistant Superintendent from 2008 to present. As Assistant Superintendent, Mr. Manhas has relied on strong interpersonal skills to work with all members of our education community in finding appropriate resolutions to challenging situations.


Mr. Beauchamp was hired in 1981 and began his career with a part time position at Nesika. He moved on to Marie Sharpe Elementary teaching intermediate grades as well as music and coaching elementary sports. Music and sports have always been a strong component of his teaching career, which continued at 150 Mile House Elementary.

Mr. Beauchamp then moved back to Marie Sharpe to teach Gr. 2/3 French Immersion for a number of years. During these years he coached volleyball at Columneetza Sr. Sec. as well. In 1990 Mr. Beauchamp began his journey as a principal at Tatla Lake, then on to Likely, Crescent Heights, Marie Sharpe and WL Secondary. In 2007 he was appointed District Principal responsible for a variety of portfolios including literacy and in 2012 Director of Instruction.

During his time as Director of Instruction, Mr. Beauchamp has worked tirelessly to enhance teaching and learning. He also was a key contributor to designing the Building Resilient Learner Plans at school. He has enjoyed the challenges that the variety of his career has presented. He is thankful for the opportunity to work alongside amazing educators along the way, and lucky to have been able to enjoy a long and fulfilling career.


Mrs. Seibert-Dubray started her career as a new teacher here in 1988. She worked at Lac La Hache, Nesika, Anne Stevenson, Columneetza, and WL Secondary throughout her career in education in a variety of positions including being a high school counsellor from 1998 to 2006. Mrs. Seibert-Dubray became the Vice-Principal at Columneetza Secondary School in February of 2006. Later that year in September, she was transferred to WL Secondary School as Vice Principal. In 2009, Mrs. Seibert-Dubray become the Principal of WL Secondary School. In 2013, she spent a short time as the Principal of Nesika Elementary before being appointed Director of Instruction-Student Support Services in 2014 where she has finished off a “most fulfilling” career.

The District will begin its search process for filling these positions.

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