This Week in History

Events in and around Nakusp and surrounding areas from decades gone by.

  • Feb. 17, 2017 10:00 a.m.

February 18, 1927

The Billiard Tournament at J.S. Morison’s is causing a lot of interest among the menfolk of the town. Two sides have been chosen, under the leadership of W.G. M. Hakeman and P.W. Jupp. The losing team will pay for a banquet. So far Hakeman’s team is in the lead.

It was with great regret that the Canadian Legion of the British Empire Service League at Nakusp was forced to accept the resignation of H.W. Herridge as president. He had held this post almost from the inception. Comrade T. How was elected president in his stead, with E.C. Muxiow vice president, K.G. Houghton secretary-treasurer and F.F. Hughes, G. Martin and E. Hall as executive members.


February 18, 1937

The C.P.R. train, after trying valiantly for over a week to get through from Kaslo, was forced to turn back. With the Arrow Lakes frozen over and no transportation on the lake, Nakusp was relying on the road being kept open to Nelson. The heavy winds since Sunday drifted the roads badly and with the continued soft spell the roads became impassible on Wednesday. The Greyhound bus from Nelson got only as far as Slocan Park and turned back. The snowplow from Nakusp was sent up to widen the Sandon road last week, the plow from New Denver being unable to handle the heavy snow banks. A slide came down behind the plow and blocked it in, until it can be extracted. The government road crew sent out from Nakusp got only as far as Hills and had to turn back. The government plow from New Denver is engaged in extracting the Nakusp plow, and the plow at Edgewood is unable to cross the river at Needles due to ice conditions. It is hoped that the isolation being suffered by Nakusp is temporary.


The power and light company at Nakusp was shut down this week due to a washout of the overflow. The plant was down from Saturday.


February 20, 1047

Mrs. Amelia fellows, 71, died at the Arrow Lakes Hospital on Feb. 13. She had been a resident of Nakusp for 29 years.


Frank Thomas Abey, resident of the area since 1897, died in Vancouver after a brief illness. He had opened a drug store in Nakusp in the early 30’s. He had been a businessman in Kaslo until recently.


February 14, 1957

A head-on collision between two cars Saturday hospitalized four of the passengers. Arden Gran, Judy Hascarl, Kas Hoshizaki, Fred Johnson and Rosemarie Masson, all of Nakusp, were on their way to Slocan City to attend a hockey game Saturday evening. About three miles beyond Summit Lake they collided with a car driven by Gerald Cooper of Silverton, with his passenger, Wanda McLeod, on their way to Nakusp. Arden Gran, Kaz Hoshizake, Miss Masson, and Miss McLeod were all hospitalized. Miss Hascarl sustained a bruised face and sprained arm, and Fred Johnson a cut on his face. They were released from hospital after treatment. Mr. Cooper escaped injury.


February 16, 1967

B.C. Hydro, Tuesday, announced that Charles W. Watson will replace the late T.G. Mead as Land Supervisor in Nakusp. Mr. Watson will be in charge of land acquisition on the Columbia project. It is hoped that he will join the Nakusp office within the month.


The Nakusp centennial project, a nine-hole golf douse, is well on the way. The site has been selected and purchased, formerly known as the Levergton Farm. The cost of the development of a quality golf course, excluding a club house, is to cost up to $17,000.


At last the beach at Nakusp can become a reality! Owner of the proposed beach area, H.W. Herridge, MP, has accepted an undisclosed offer by B.C. Hydro for 600 feet of land from Beach Avenue up to, but not including, the Shell Oil Bulk Plant south of Broadway.


February 17, 1977

Kaslo Shake & Shingle has property in Hills and will set up a mill there in the next few weeks.


A memorial service was held for the late Wilfred L. “Scotty” Devlin at Fauquier on Feb. 13. He had been a resident of Fauquier since 1935.

February 18, 1987 Kootenay West is back and bigger. The Electoral Boundaries Commission for British Columbia released its report Monday and has reversed a decision to eliminate Kootenay West.

“We’re back in the picture but the picture has changed, said Bob Brisco MP Kootenay West. “It is not at all like I expected.”


February 12, 1997 A former Nakusp resident has been charged in the fatal vehicle accident last July which claimed the life of a Burton teenager. Criminal charges of criminal negligence causing the death of Sarah Jackins and operating a motor vehicle while impaired by alcohol or a drug and causing the death of Jackins were sworn before the justice of the peace. A summons to appear in Nakusp Court on April 3 was issued for John David Kiene, 22.


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