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Events from around the Arrow Lakes region from decades gone by.

  • Jul. 21, 2016 11:00 a.m.

July 30, 1926 O.A. Dunbar, of Maple Creek, Sask., will arrive on Saturday to begin operations as a baker. He and Mrs. Dunbar have been here looking the ground over and have decided to settle here. The few ex-residents of Maple Creek, who are already among us speak highly of Mr. Dunbar’s ability to produce an excellent quality of bread. He will take over Evan’s bakery on Slocan Avenue.


July 30, 1936 The Departmental Examinations Pass List for high school entrance was published as follows: Arrowhead, Lillian J. Caloeau; Sproat school, Orville M. Catherwood; Burton, Leslie H. Eley, H. Lloyd Parkyn; Mount Ingersoll, Franklin J. Hall. Deer Park (promoted on recommendation) Reginald Hamblin, Louis Hamblin, Harold Briggerman. Edgewood: N. Partich McLeod, V. Otley Nesbitt; Fauquier, Helen J. Rollins; Inonoaklin Valley, Willemina M. deGans, Helena J. Hopp. Box Lake: Albert F. Ehl, Cyril Kershaw, Walter R. Henke. Nakusp (promoted on recommendation) Monica V. Butlin, Elsie M. Chadwick, Heather M. Herridge, Albert E. Leverington, Gladys E. I. Marshall, H.F. Herbert Miller, Ralph A. McPhee, Mary K. Rushon, Harley H, Smith and Nettie E. Sutherland. New Denver (promoted on recommendation) Ruth V. Aylwin, William J. Balbirnie, R. Ellison Crellin, Lawrence E. Croft, C. Violet Gunn, Charles S. Thring, and Margaret I. Young. Renata: William Rohn and Victor Friesen, Loretta L. Friesen, Tina Harms and Elfrieda M. Wied. The Junior Marticulation Pass List was: Nakusp, Mabel D. Alpsen, Ruth B. Bredy, Joseph A. Gardner, Doris A. Harvey; Silverton Norma E. Johnson, Eileen M. Johnstone, Leroy B. Kennedy, Kathleen E. Schmidt, Slocan, Hilda R. Nye. Home Study passed on subjects taken; Amy Kershaw and Fred Miller.


August 1, 1946 Mr.s Annie M. Avison, New Denver, died on July 24 in the Slocan Community Hospital. Aged 78 years, she was the widow of the late Thomas Avison who predeceased her in 1943. The late Mrs. Avison was born into the Shannon family in 1868 newer Orangeville, Ontario, and came west 12 years later to pioneer a homestead on Portage Prairies. She was through the Riel Rebellion and saw General Middleton sign the peace treaty with the Indians at Fort Qu’Appelle in 1885.

Nakusp citizens found themselves without water when the main pipe from the water intake that supplies the town, burst early Thursday morning. Many residents did not get their “cup that cheers” and were quoting “We never miss the water ‘till the well runs dry”. The commissioners were early on the job and men went to work on the damages. The local mill was idle until repairs, that took the greater part of the day.


July 26, 1956 At the regular monthly meeting Wednesday afternoon, the Maple W.I. decided to write H.W. Herridge, M.P., urging him to stop the removal of East Arrow Park wharf, and it is understood it is to be taken away, also decided W.I. will petition the district.

Johnny Harris’ historic Reco Hotel in Sandon will become a memory in the next few weeks. Badly undermined in the creek flood of last year which wrecked one of the best preserved “ghost towns” in B.C. The weather beaten hotel is going to be demolished, Mrs. J. Harris, widow of the builder, has announced.


July 28, 1966 Two candidates filed nomination papers during the closing minutes for the position of school trustee and forced an election on August 6. Those entering the race for public school trustee were Mrs. Olive Wanstall and local businessman Neil Shaw.


July 28, 1976 One of the main corners in downtown Nakusp is the future site of a downtown drive-in restaurant. The building is located on the lot adjacent to the government liquor store (now Napa). Derek Smith of Vancouver is building a 1200 square foot restaurant and hopes to have it ready for Thanksgiving.


July 30, 1986 Police are investigated a break and enter incident at Shaw’s Equipment in Nakusp early Thursday morning. A large plate glass window on the side of the equipment building was broken and four chain saws were stolen. An employee of the business, Marvin Roberts, heard the smash and yelled at the thieves, scaring them away.


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