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Events in and around the region from decades gone by.

  • Mar. 19, 2017 1:00 p.m.

March 18, 1927 Thos. Abriel, our townsman, returned from an extended tour, where he appeared before the British Columbia Legislature in connection with the introduction of, what is known as the Products Marketing Act, as president of the B.C. Fruit Growers Association. He also went to Ottawa where he appeared on behalf of the Fruit Growers, before the Canadian horticultural Council, as well as several Cabinet Ministers.


Teamsters returning home from the Carnation Mine in Sandon Sunday evening had a narrow escape from sudden death in a snow slide about a half mile from town. Two teams came to town, unaware of anything, the remaining four teams being delayed at the turn near the Wonderful, due to some fixing on their drags. When the leader of the last four teams neared this draw, he was met with the tail-end of the slide, still running, the same causing an hour and a half delay in reaching town. Two hours work by a party of 15 men was required to put the trail in shape for future traffic.


March 18, 1937 Edgewood and intervening points to Nakusp are to have daily mail service with four days a week by boat and two days by bus. Tenders are now being invited. The new arrangement resulted from requests by the Edgewood Farmers’ Institute to W.K. Esling, West Kootenay Federal member, who was advised today of favourable action by the post office department.

Within a short period of time about 100 men will be employed on the Mammoth Mine newer Silverton, plus an additional crew at the Standard. General Manager, A.M. Ham declared that a crew of men is digging out slides on the road to the Mammoth, four and a half miles from Silverton.


The Needles ferry resumed operation on Wednesday of last week. The steamer Minto resumed operation on Wednesday of this week, after being tied up since the early part of February. With the soft weather this week the steamer was able to make her way through to Arrowhead, arriving the following day about noon.


March 20, 1947 The annual meeting of the Nakusp Board of Trade was held in the upstairs room of the Bluebird Cafe on Monday night. Mr. Bedard reported on the fire truck drive, and it was decided to assign the $400 in bonds owned by the Board of Trade, as collateral security on monies which have been pledged by individuals. The following officers were elected: C.S. Leary, president; B. Walton, vice president; A. Bedard, secretary and W. Jupp, J. Argyle, Parent, K. Highland, H. Wood, B. Ofield, A.J. Butt, N. Wetterstrom and H. Murphy on the executive.


On Friday evening a large crowd in the Opera house were treated to a mystery comedy, “The Clutching Claw,” by the Nakusp Dramatic Club. F. Rushton played the murder victim, E.J. Oxenham the butler, Mrs. Slattery acted as the housekeeper, Mavis Barlow was the daughter, Mary Kirk the family friend, Shirley Johnson, Heather Robbins, and Rosie Wanstall were the party guests; Betty White played Madame Lanezski, F. Tracy was Officer O’Toole, H. Boistad was Chief Donnelly, Bill Robson and W. Rogers were party guests. Ed Orr was the Clutching Claw.


March 14, 1957 President of the Edgewood-Inonoaklin Women’s Institute, Mrs. R.N. Donselaar and Mrs. R.E. Bateman met with V.C. Smith of the B.C. Power Commission to discuss the proposed street lighting system for Edgewood. Seven lights are planned and Mr. Smith assured the ladies that installation would begin shortly.


James. M. Millar, 56, ferry engineer, was believed to have been drowned Tuesday when his truck plunged off the landing ramp at Arrowhead. He was an engineer aboard the ferry Lardeau. His truck was pulled from the lake, but his body was not found. Dragging operations continued late Tuesday.


March 16, 1967 Top priority was given for Highway 6, especially the connecting link between the Trans Canada at Revelstoke and Nakusp, across Highway 23 by a resolution passed at the Kootenay Boundary Chamber of Commerce annual meeting held in Grand Forks this past weekend. The resolution, presented by Nakusp Chamber president Dan Santano, was passed unanimously by the members.


The most important item on the agenda of the annual meeting of the Arrow Credit Union resulted in the decision to rebuild the Credit Union offices in Edgewood. Members voted 11 to rebuild in Fauquier and 48 for Edgewood. A sum of $3,500 was allocated for construction.

March 16, 1977 Two professors from Notre Dame University in Nelson, and the pilot of a small Cessna airplane were rescued unharmed on Friday after their plane crashed into thick timer at about 6,400’ elevation in the mountains southeast of Nakusp. The professors were studying the habits of local caribou and were not he trail of a herd at the time of the mishap. According to Nakusp RCMP the plane was caught in a down draft which sent it crashing into the mountainside about a mile and a half southeast of Kimbal Lake east of Wilson Lake. The pilot was able to radio a message before the crash at about 1:30 p.m.


March 18, 1987 A 13 lb. 12 1/2 oz. Trout was caught near Nakusp on Monday, the largest in recent years. The trout is seven years old and is one of the 17,500 released into the Jordan River in 1981. It is the Arrow Lakes Trout stock with distinctive yellow jaws and fins. The marked fish was teen by Don Manning on Monday afternoon near Cape Horn on the Upper Arrow Lakes. The andipose fin and left maxillary were clipped indicating to fisheries personnel the origin.

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