Excavators from Norco Septic Service started tearing up the Sportsplex parking lot today, with plans to complete the work by the end of May. (Jackie Lieuwen photo)

Terrace Sportsplex parking lot being redone

The $710,000 project includes new lights, sidewalks, and rotated parking on the south lot

The City of Terrace has started its upgrade of the Terrace Sportsplex parking lot, which will change the set up of the parking on the south lot and add new lighting and drainage.

The contractor, Norco Septic Service, started digging up the old concrete in front of the Sportsplex this morning, April 9, in what is the first step of the work.

Access to the Sportsplex parking lot from Park Ave. will be closed off during construction, and people are asked to access the Sportsplex through Paul Clark Drive off Kalum Street.

The main change to the parking lot will be to rotate the stall parking on the south lot, so that instead of one long east-west lane for vehicles, there will be three north-south lanes. (See graphic below.)

In addition to the new street lights and drainage, the $710,000 project will repave the streets, construct new sidewalks and curbs, and add a few new planters and benches near the main south arena and the aquatic centre.

The work is expected to be complete by the end of May and the pool reopening is now expected for June.

Please note: A prior version of this story indicated the project cost was $455,000, but the full project cost is $710,000 including a $455,000 contract with Norco Septic, as well as city works and materials, paving and 10% contingency and engineering costs.


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