BIKING ENTHUSIAST Chris Gee is encouraging people to take part in Bike to Work Week May 28 – June 3.

BIKING ENTHUSIAST Chris Gee is encouraging people to take part in Bike to Work Week May 28 – June 3.

Terrace residents urged to bike to work

Biking is healthy and you don't have to spend money on gas

  • May. 4, 2012 6:00 p.m.

A LOCAL biking enthusiast has an offer no one can refuse – have at least five co-workers sign up from one place of business to take part in Bike to Work Week and he’ll come by and give their bikes an inspection.

I’ll check their brake pads to see if they are worn and need replacing, see if their chain needs to be oiled, check their seat,” says Chris Gee from the non-profit Skeena Bicycle Service.

What’s more – I’ll come to your workplace.”

It’s Gee’s way of encouraging increased participation in Bike to Work Week which runs from May 28 to June 3.

The geography of the area lends itself to making biking not only enjoyable as a recreation but viable as transportation method to and from work, says Gee.

We have large flat areas and relatively small hills,” he said.

Overall this is a very bikable community. Beyond the occasional rain, there’s not much to keep someone from biking eight months of the year.”

If you wear a helmet, have a jacket and wear gloves, you can be very comfortable and dry as a bone when you get to work.”

Biking is a great way to beat the high cost of gas and everybody is thinking of living healthier nowadays.”

Gee’s even convinced, given the right circumstances, that a person on a bike can get to a location quicker than a person in a vehicle.

He’s particularly happy with the improvements the city has made in recent years by marking bike lanes and boosting biking’s visibility and says it’s paying off because he’s noticing an increase in two-wheel traffic.

By putting in bike lanes, that increases safety. The more people feel safe biking, the more people will bike,” said Gee.

The Skeena Bicycle Service is a non-profit group working out of the basement of the George Little House, offering workshops on maintaining and fixing bikes.

Gee’s there Wednesdays from 5 pm to 10 pm

The service also maintains a small fleet of community bikes parked outside of various offices around town. They’re free to use by leaving a piece of identification at the office or business.

The Skeena Bicycle Service will be at the farmers market May 26 and Gee can be contacted at 250 – 975-0052.






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