Teaching certificate revoked over inappropriate conduct

A Langley elementary school teacher has had his teaching certificate cancelled for inappropriate behaviour.

Robert Lee Davies showed students shirtless pictures of himself flexing his muscles and told inappropriate jokes, stories and anecdotes, as well as allowing students to tell inappropriate stories, said the investigation by the Office of Commissioner for Teacher Regulation.

The discipline decision was made in May and posted on the Ministry of Education’s website.

Davies is said to have told a class a story about sexual abuse of a First Nations female by police officers, a story about drinking alcohol and driving on the highway and a story about masturbation.

He allowed students to tell stories in class about drunk parents and things that happened at home. Some of the stories included profanity, said the investigation report.

Once he was being investigated, it is said he failed to comply with district direction to maintain confidentiality and not have contact with staff and parents.

He is also accused of attempting to undermine the district’s investigation.

Davies voluntarily entered into an agreement that his teaching certificate be cancelled. He received his teaching certificate in 2000.

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