Taxes going higher

Clearwater town council approved a proposed 5.82 per cent tax increase during its May 7 meeting

Clearwater town council approved a proposed 5.82 per cent tax increase during its May 7 meeting.

Taxes in the municipality have gone up by an average of about two per cent per year since incorporation, said Mayor John Harwood.

An open house held April 9 to discuss Clearwater’s five-year financial plan attracted zero members of the public.

The municipality dropped the mill rate substantially in 2011 to help local residents cope with the recession.

With the approved increase, municipal taxes on a $200,000 home in Clearwater will increase by $40 from $692 last year to $732 this year.

Exactly how much an individual property tax will go up or down would depend on its assessed value.

Assessments were mailed out in early January.

Property taxes amount to $1.6 million or nearly 40 per cent of Clearwater’s total revenue. Other significant sources of revenue include government grants and transfers, for $1.2 million or 30 per cent, sale of services (ICBC) for $760,000 or 20 per cent, and service to other governments, for $230,000 or 5.8 per cent.

Total revenues for the municipality amount to $3.9 million.

Residences pay 51 per cent of Clearwater’s property taxes. Businesses pay 22 per cent and utilities such as the pipeline and railroad pay 21 per cent.

Other taxation classes such as major industry, light industry, managed forest, recreation/other and farm make up the rest.

Major capital projects for 2013 include the Sportsplex (new changing rooms) at $755,000, and upgrades to the water system (remote monitoring SCADA system, completion of the ultraviolet disinfection system, and fire hydrant replacement) at $386,000.


Capital projects in the administration category include renovations to the former Dutch Lake School to make it into a community center, and computer system upgrades and replacements. Total cost will be $225,000.



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