Surrey RCMP warn summer is high season for bear and cougar sightings

SURREY — Surrey RCMP are warning the public to take precautions to avoid attracting bears and cougars.

The high season for sightings is mid-summer to mid-fall and police receive several reports annually.

While some wild animals shy away from human contact, some are overcome with desire to find garbage and even lose their fear of humans.

To reduce the chance of attracting a bear or cougar in your neighourhood, police recommend the following:

·      Keep garbage inside until pick up day.

·      Don’t add meat products or cooked food to compost. Turn compost regularly and keep it covered

·      Pick ripe and fallen fruit daily and remove unused fruit trees.

·      Use bird feeders only in winter and keep the ground free of seeds.

·      Clean barbecue grills after each use and store it in a secure place.

·      Bring pet dishes inside and store pet food indoors.

Anyone who sees a bear or cougar is asked to remain calm and keep away, as the animal may just be passing through.

Bring children and pets inside.

Then call the Conservation Officer Service on their 24-hour hotline at 1-877-952-7277. If a life is in danger, call 911.

For more information visit the Ministry of Environment’s website.

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