Ian MacDonald, spokesman for Surrey Police Service. (Submitted photo)

Surrey Police Service launches public consultation campaign

This is to help the SPS form its first strategic plan

  • Jun. 15, 2021 12:00 a.m.

The Surrey Police Service has launched what it’s calling a “multi-pronged” public consultation process to carry on throughout the summer with the idea of helping the new force, which is destined to replace the Surrey RCMP, develop its first strategic plan.

Spokesman Ian MacDonald said the SPS contracted independent research experts to do a three-part process featuring a survey, focus groups and “stakeholder interviews.”

The latter, MacDonald said, will involve groups that work with women, children and vulnerable populations.

“There’s going to be obviously connections to educators, First Nations, religious leaders, the health authority, mental health, and then like I said at-risk populations, there’ll be a contribution from I’m sure at least representation from businesses,” he said.

There will also be a survey mailed out in July, to be conducted by Insights West Market Research, canvassing Surrey residents for their views.

“The methodology is they’re going to make sure there is distribution across all of the postal codes in the city and to make sure there’s representation in terms of different neighbourhoods as well as policing districts,” MacDonald said.

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MacDonald said the campaign results will be shared with residents later this year. The SPS and Surrey Police Board will use the findings to develop the strategic plan.

As for the cost of all three components, the consultation of “stakeholders” and focus groups – which MacDonald said is probably the most labour-intensive and time-consuming part – is $59,700.

“And that’s the biggest expenditure,” he said. “The Insights West, and the design of the actual survey, that component is $25,000.

“That’s the entire value of the contract,” he said. “There’s actually three parties that are essentially splitting that.”

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