Last week, Aeneas Creek overflowed its banks and into a nearby orchard and road. File photo

Summerland coping with rising water

District advises residents to take precautions

  • May. 17, 2018 12:00 a.m.

Over the next ten days to two weeks, the water level in Okanagan Lake is expected to rise another 24 inches (59 cm).

The expected high water level — 343 metres — is less than last year’s high of 343.25. Still, the District of Summerland is recommending property owners to take similar precautions and use sandbags or other measures to protect structures on their properties. To avoid sandbagging too low, residents should prepare their properties at the level that was sufficient to protect properties last year.

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Empty sandbags are available at no charge at the Summerland Fire Department and sand piles are being deposited in multiple locations along the lakeshore. Summerland municipal staff are also taking proactive steps to protect district infrastructure in the case the water rises to predicted levels. Questions should be directed to Summerland’s flood information phone line at 250-486-3765.

Aeneas Creek water levels are remaining stable. There are a number of trees along Peach Orchard Road affected by high water flowing through the creek and undermining their roots.

The trees are flagged as potentially dangerous to public safety and municipal infrastructure as they pose a risk of falling on roads, over the creek (blocking water flows), power lines and other problems.

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District staff are working with an arborist to develop a strategy for removal and/or topping of these danger trees, but people walking or driving on Peach Orchard Road should be aware of the danger.

Work began Thursday on an eroded area of the Trout Creek dike, identified by the district earlier this week. The district warns Trout Creek residents that if creek levels rise quickly before mitigation work has been completed, an evacuation alert will be issued.

The weather forecast includes the possibility of heavy rains in the South Okanagan over the next few days, which could cause creek levels to rise rapidly. Use extreme caution while around moving water.

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