String of accidents prompt truck driver warning on Highway 28

A number of truck rollovers near Echo Lake has WorkSafe, RCMP and TimberWest issuing warning

  • Jun. 19, 2017 5:00 p.m.

In the last three years, Jim Saunders of WorkSafeBC has attended five speed-related, log-hauling truck rollovers near Echo Lake on Highway 28.

Saunders, an occupational safety officer with WorkSafe, is hoping that a new sign recently erected in the area will cut down on any more such accidents.

The billboard, which reminds truck drivers to slow down on Highway 28, is the result of a partnership betwen TimberWest, the RCMP and WorkSafe BC.

They hope the sign will remind log and coal truck drivers to slow down; particularly on the bends and curves on this length of road. TimberWest provided the sign location and paid for the installation.

The Mirror has reported on at least one logging truck rollover near Echo Lake once in each of the last three years, with the most recent happening last September.

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