A starving cat that was found a few kilometres outside Clearwater was rescued on Oct. 25 and will now go to a new home in Kamloops. The cat was seen on its own for at least three weeks before finally being rescued and the veterinarian said she wouldn’t have lasted much longer had she not been saved when she was. Photo submitted

Starving cat gets new lease on life

The hungry feline was observed for at least three weeks by passersby before it was finally caught

  • Nov. 8, 2019 12:00 a.m.

An emaciated cat was given a new chance at life after being rescued a few kilometers up Camp 2 Road near Clearwater late last month.

The hungry feline was observed for at least three weeks by passersby before it was finally caught in a live trap on Oct. 25.

Maddy Capostinksy, owner of Maddy’s Paws and Claws Rescue, said several people attempted to save the cat, but had no luck, so she offered Gerry and Linda Leppington one of her live-traps to help bring it in.

“The cat was so skinny. We never found the owner, so I don’t know if it was dumped there or how it ended up there, but another day or two and the cat wouldn’t be alive,” said Capostinksy.

“The veterinarian came and did a health check on her and she is now gaining weight and is going to go to a new home.”

The cat scored a one out of five on the body condition score for cats, which is described as having the ribs, spine and pelvic bones easily visible and protruding, with no fat being able to be felt on the rib cage.

Capostinksy said she made every effort to find the original owners, in case the cat was a runaway, but after posting pictures on several social media sites and checking missing pet ads, she had no luck.

Despite being left to fend for herself and nearly starving to death, the nameless feline, who the vet guessed to be about 2-years-old, hasn’t lost her affection, often looking for snuggles and kisses and climbing up her caregiver’s shoulder.

“She’s the sweetest and cuddliest cat. She’s very friendly and she’s gaining weight back,” Capostinsky said.

“It’s going to take a while for her to get up to normal cat size, but she’s great, she’s a good cat.”

Now that she’s been on the mend for a while it’s almost time for her to go to her new home, which was found in a family from Kamloops.

The family has already come to visit and the cat took to them immediately, falling asleep in the husband’s arms.

“They’re a very cat-friendly and cat-loving family and she’s going to go to be an inside cat in the city and be spoiled.”

If people want to help cats in need like this they can donate to Maddy’s Paws and Claws Rescue by sending e-transfers to maddysrescue@hotmail.com

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