A Coldstream councillor says there is a need to reduce boat speeds on Kalamalka Lake.

A Coldstream councillor says there is a need to reduce boat speeds on Kalamalka Lake.

Speed limit floated for Kalamalka Lake

Coldstream councillor says there are safety concerns as the lake draws more activities

Kalamalka Lake is increasingly crowded, and that has an official suggesting speed limits.

Coun. Gyula Kiss told his Coldstream colleagues Monday that a speed limit for motor boats should be considered on the north end of the lake because of the growing number of other uses.

“It’s a safety issue. There are a lot more paddleboard users on the lake,” he said.

Besides paddleboards and boaters, the lake is also popular with kayakers and canoeists, as well as swimmers closer to shore.

“I see kids on paddleboards and that part of the lake is the most uses,” said Kiss, adding that there is the potential for conflict with boats.

“I’m worried someone will get killed.”

Josh Lockwood, a conservation officer, was at Monday’s meeting and he says a speed limit for boats is possible.

“It’s not an easy process to put in restrictions but it could be done,” he said.

Currently, boaters can be fined for operating without consideration for others on the water.

“That’s a pet peeve of my officers,” said Lockwood of the offense.

Coldstream funded expanded conservation officer boat patrols on Kalamalka Lake over the summer.

A number of infractions were found, including boaters not having spotters when towing an individual.

“People were wearing lifejackets not approved or they didn’t properly fit small children,” said Lockwood.

“There is zero tolerance for no life jackets, alcohol and not having an operator’s card”


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