South Okanagan man irate after being denied bail

Repeat offender, accused of assaulting a woman, cursed at the judge while maintaining his innocence.

South Okanagan man irate after being denied bail

A repeat offender accused of assaulting a woman and causing severe injuries was visibly upset at being denied bail Monday, cursing at the judge while maintaining his innocence.

Chad Douglas Schunter, 47, is charged with two counts of assault causing bodily harm, one count of unlawful confinement or imprisonment and one count of uttering threats.

The complainant, who Schunter was at one point in a relationship with, alleges that Schunter became jealous because he thought she had cheated on him. While in a vehicle on Jan. 27 in Osoyoos, Crown alleged, Schunter punched the woman several times causing bruising to her eyes, a broken rib and a collapsed lung.

The Crown alleges the woman was able to escape from the vehicle, however Schunter tracked her down and told her to remain in the vehicle while it was parked at his workplace.

The Crown said the woman escaped the vehicle once again and alleges that according to accounts from multiple employees Schunter was “somewhat hostile” towards her.

The woman was taken to the hospital where the injuries she received were confirmed by medical personnel, Crown said.

“Although you are presumed innocent, this appears to be a strong case with much confirmatory evidence with respect to injuries,”  said Judge Greg Koturbash, adding that Schunter was on probation at the time of the alleged offence and his prior record indicated an “aversion” to obeying court orders.

Schunter has four prior assault convictions, an uttering threats conviction and an assault causing bodily harm conviction that occurred in a domestic relationship.

Schunter said during the bail hearing that there was a fight at his residence while he was at work, and that he drove the woman in question to his workplace afterward.

“This is just running my name and my family’s name through the dirt, it’s crazy,” Schunter told the court. “I regret what went on, but I can prove my innocence and would respectively love that chance to do it sir.”

Schunter told the court that the complainant had since stolen his phone and laptop and “wiped” them of allegedly exculpatory evidence.

Schunter did however lose his composure and began to curse repeatedly during his video appearance in Penticton Provincial Court while Koturbash was rendering his decision to deny  bail.

Schunter then quickly pleaded not guilty to all charges, elected to be tried before a Provincial Court judge for a three-day trial with a date to be determined by the trial coordinator.








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