Snowmageddon 2 coming to Mission? Well, maybe!

Snowmageddon 2 coming to Mission? Well, maybe!

Environment Canada just doesn't know if winter will be colder than normal or not

With snow falling in Mission on Thursday and predictions of more to come, many residents were wondering if they were in for a repeat of last winter’s heavy snowfall.

However, while the first week of November is a little early for snowfall in this area, Environment Canada says it doesn’t mean another big chill is coming our way.

“Although we may get some snow, it will be short lived,” said meteorologist Doug Lundquist.

As for the coming months, Lundquist said they haven’t officially predicted a La Nina (lower than normal temperatures) yet.

“They’re saying La Nina conditions are favoured for the fall and winter, about a 55 to 65 per cent chance, but that’s tricky on how it will play out.”

He explained that the forecast for November to January, the last month of fall and first two months of winter, are predicted to be colder than average.

It is 50 per cent likely to be below average, leaving the remaining 50 per cent split between average or above average temperatures.

“Anything could still happen, but the highest likelihood of the three categories is below average temperatures.”

When he examined just the winter months, December to February, it becomes an equal chance for all three categories – below average, above average or average temperatures – to occur.

“So overall, winter is anybody’s game.”

The reason November to January is coming out as colder is because the start of November is already colder than average.

“This (snow) is a little early, about two or three weeks, but it’s not going to stay. It’s going to warm up.”

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