Situation forces security upgrade

Security is being enhanced at Vernon’s Okanagan Boys and Girls Club.

Security is being enhanced at Vernon’s Okanagan Boys and Girls Club.

The Greater Vernon Advisory has agreed to west entrance upgrades at the club after a serious situation occurred during the fall.

“On Sept. 24, an adult male came into the Boys and Girls Club through the west entrance. Two staff were present at the entrance at the time,” said Tannis Nelson, community development co-ordinator, in a report.

“The male appeared disoriented and was staggering and bleeding from the mouth. He attempted to get the attention of one of the staff people but they were uncomfortable approaching. He then proceeded into the lobby area for a brief period and then out into the playground where there were 30 children.”

Staff in the playground reacted quickly and the children were taken into the building. The RCMP and paramedics were then called to assist with the individual.

“This incident highlighted the current safety risk at the west entrance of the building,” said Nelson in her report.

“As it is now, there is no control point to prevent an individual from coming in and entering the washrooms, which are used by the children, the gym or the playground.”

The safety improvements will include a vestibule that requires an individual to be admitted by a club employee before entering into the rest of the facility.

The project cost is $30,000, with GVAC and the Okanagan Boys and Girls Club splitting the cost.


Vernon Morning Star