A gravel path may soon connect the sidewalk to nowhere to somewhere.

A gravel path may soon connect the sidewalk to nowhere to somewhere.

Sidewalk to nowhere may go somewhere

Lonely sidewalks along Frontage Road may be connected by "sidewalk-ready" gravel paths.

Read more on the small business task force decisions, including the recommendation that non-office businesses be exempt from providing off-street parking, in the Sept. 28 edition of The Interior News.


The infamous sidewalk to nowhere may go somewhere next spring, but developers will not be getting the break they asked for on building sidewalks when they renovate or expand.

Council at Sept. 13’s meeting asked for a staff report on what it would take to connect the disconnected stretches of sidewalk on Frontage Road with a “sidewalk ready” gravel path.

“We’re going to discuss it as part of budget,” explained Smithers Mayor Taylor Bachrach.

The path could also connect the gap closer to the Smithers Mall.

“It’s exactly what we have along Railway Avenue on the Perimeter Trail. It’s basically hard surface ready … and that’s what we’ll provide on this estimate,” explained director of development services Mark Allen at the meeting.

The onus on sidewalk paving would still fall to any businesses that choose to renovate or build anything worth at least $75,000 along that stretch. Maintenance is a Town responsibility.

As part of this Tuesday’s council of the whole on the small business task force recommendations, Mayor Taylor Bachrach’s motion to recommend bumping that $75,000 trigger to $100,000 was passed with only Coun. Phil Brienesse opposed. Brienesse was concerned project costs are already “fudged” to fall under the $75,000 mark.

The trigger for sidewalk construction for developments is over a two-year period.

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