Shooting victim tried to help inmate escape

Not a lengthy criminal history, though pleaded guilty to assisting escape in 2009

  • May. 3, 2013 1:00 p.m.

staff reporter

The man who was shot in Haney Place Mall over a drug dispute doesn’t have an extensive criminal history, although he was “known” to police.

Claude Gille Deguire only has one conviction in B.C. as an adult for trying to help a young man escape from the Surrey Pre-Trial Centre.

He pleaded guilty to assisting a person in attempting to escape from lawful custody in 2009 and sentenced to time served (156 days), plus probation for a year.

According to reasons for sentencing, Deguire was caught by prison guards after they detected movement in a fenced compound adjacent to one of the Surrey Pre-Trial buildings.

Staff went out to investigate, and while in the yard, they heard a loud bang.

During a search of the area, they found Deguire, who was dressed in black and hiding against a building.

Deguire was searched, and bolt cutters and a paper containing a written point-form escape plan were found.  A bag containing tools was found nearby.

Further investigation determined that Deguire had snuck into the compound by cutting through three chain link fences. He eventually admitted he was trying to help an inmate identified by the initials PJB.

Investigators also learned PJB. offered Deguire $1,000 to help him escape.

At the time of the offence, Deguire did not have a criminal record.

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