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This week's column recognizes the Nakusp Public Library.

One of the Nakusp region’s most highly accomplished success stories is the widely recognized public library, founded locally in 1920.

The library’s role is to provide a wide variety of programs and services that help fulfill the cultural, recreational and well as educational needs of the community. This is accomplished by the staff and volunteers who provide or oversee the services within a respectful and non-judgemental as well as attractive and welcoming manner.

The outstanding library staff and numerous other supporters aim to maintain their primary goals, which include that of becoming not only a highly successful community information centre for area residents but also for visitors and business entrepreneures—and they do so magnificently!

In addition, the library aims to build and maintain a strong level of community connections and is always on the lookout for the most favourable ways of ensuring long-term sustainability, which is a key factor in its acknowledged success.

To each of the individual patrons, the library serves as a refuge, a gathering place and most certainly a popular hub where people of all ages feel welcome to drop in and borrow, browse, socialize with new and old friends and in general, become thoroughly energized and inspired at any time of the year.

Resources that may be accessed include not only books, periodicals and other media but also printing and photocopying facilities. There is also free computer access to the internet with several units being made available for use by the public within the library as well as in-house iPods, which have proven quite popular amongst patrons.

Numerous special events are organized and presented on occasion during the year. These include author readings, book discussions and swaps, storytimes and craft sessions. Outreach sessions involve participation in the Farmers’ Markets or similar events including travelling to outlying Reading Centres in order to lend support.

As an example of community group co-operation, it should be pointed out that the public library is an active member of the Arrow Lakes District Arts Council, partially intended to help to promote the arts in general, within our district.

For more information about upcoming events and activities as well as the library’s opening hours and the comprehensive list of services offered in an ongoing basis, call 250-265-4087.


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