Seismic upgrades coming to Cloverdale elementary

Cloverdale Traditional elementary students next to spend a school year at Richmond elementary during seismic upgrading

Cloverdale Traditional elementary students will spend next year at Richmond elementary as their school undergoes seismic upgrading.

The Ministry of Education and the Greater Victoria School District announced last week they have signed a project agreement to bring Cloverdale Traditional elementary school up to the latest seismic safety standards.

As with many other seismic upgrade projects in Victoria, Cloverdale students will be bussed to the vacant Richmond elementary School for the 2015-16 school year to allow for the work to be done at their “home” school.

“On behalf of the students, parents and staff of Cloverdale Traditional elementary school, we are extremely pleased that the Ministry of Education is following through with the seismic upgrade of another one of our schools in the Greater Victoria School District,” said Edith Loring-Kuhanga, Greater Victoria School District board chair.

Richmond elementary is a “swing school” that has previously housed students while seismic work was carried out at Quadra elementary.

This year, students from George Jay elementary are attending Richmond elementary while seismic work is underway at that school.

Cloverdale has capacity for 345 Kindergarten to Grade 5 students.

Construction contracts will be tendered this summer with substantial completion by next summer. The project will be funded with $2.9 million from the Province’s Seismic Mitigation Program.


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