The sculpture, by artist Paul Dawkins, is similar to the one pictured above. The stolen sculpture resembles a similar man, however it has a more forlorn, quirky expression. (Cranbrook Arts file)

Sculpture stolen from Cranbrook Arts Alley Gallery

The Cranbrook Arts Council is asking for the sculpture to be returned, no questions asked

  • Jul. 14, 2020 12:00 a.m.

The Cranbrook Arts Council is asking for the safe return of a sculpture that was recently stolen from their Alley Gallery after having been featured outside the building for more than four years.

The sculpture, by artist Paul Dawkins, belongs to Cranbrook Arts and has been a fixture out back of their downtown gallery for many years. A spokesperson with Cranbrook Arts says that the Arts Council would simply like the sculpture put back, and no questions will be asked.

“We’re not entirely sure when the sculpture was taken, it’s been busy here since we opened back up, but it was definitely taken some time in the past few weeks,” said Cranbrook Arts. “This area [the Alley Gallery] has been well respected for the duration of time we’ve had it. I suppose this sculpture had a particular appeal to someone and we just ask that they return it.”

The spokesperson for Cranbrook Arts says the theft is unfortunate, because they no longer feel as comfortable displaying art as they may have otherwise. If the sculpture is in fact returned safely, the Cranbrook Arts Council will likely keep it indoors to avoid any further theft.

The Alley Gallery is frequently used by volunteers, students and locals who work in the area as a spot to take a break or have lunch. This is the first piece of art to be stolen out of the space.

“We wanted to set an example, and brighten up the space behind our building,” said the spokesperson. “This is the first piece of art that’s been taken. Over the years we’ve had a few things, like a heavy sandwich board and some steps that disappeared, which we allowed, but we would really like this sculpture back. It’s a nice little area and it really has been well respected.”

Cranbrook Arts is asking for the sculpture to be returned without consequence. The sculpture is tan in colour, and resembles a man with a forlorn, quirky expression on his face.

“If it is put back, we’ll be very happy. This sculpture does matter a great deal to us,” said the spokesperson for Cranbrook Arts. “If it is returned, there will be no questions asked.”

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