School district to host social media awareness night

Highlights from the Education Partnership Committee meeting if March 8, 2016

School District 10 will be hosting a social media awareness/management night on March 29.

The community information session is to help the public understand the social media landscape children are, or soon will be,living in.

It’s important to ensure that parents are aware of what youth are doing on their phones and computers, and to make surethey’re safe when the youth are online.

The parent presentation will focus on all things digital.

Family rules, parental controls, and developing a family tech plan will be outlined. At this age, youth will encounter situations that will challenge their independence, including cyberbullying, cyberexclusion, the dangers of anonymity, privacy, and muchmore.

The event will take place at the Bonnington Arts Centre at 7 p.m.


Harvard Ph.D student

Amelia Peterson, Harvard Ph.D student visited the district on March 7 and 8 , with the aim at looking at innovative practices and pedagogy in the district. She joined the Collaborating to Engage All Learners team, along with Dr.Leyton Schnellert at the Learning Round in the Grades 3-7 class at Edgewood Elementary School (EES). Peterson was very impressed with the quality of teaching and learning at EES.

On March 8, she visited Lucerne, Nakusp Elementary School, and Nakusp Secondary School, talking to students, teachers, and principals. She also joined the District Leadership team after school on March 7 and 8, and worked with the district Educational Transformation Committee.


SD 10 obtains Skills Training Access grant

For the second year in a row, SD 10 has been successful in obtaining a $5,000 Skills Access Training grant. The district would like to thank Ken Barisoff, shop teacher at NSS, and Michael Myhal, the district hands-on learning teacher for their support in helping to develop the criteria. Funding has been approved for student work experience transportation, robotics equipment,and a Maker Bot 3D printer.


District receives Skills Training Tapper grant

The $25,000 grant will enable the district to do a variety of things. These include liaising with the Selkirk College Outreach Centre in Nakusp, and the Nakusp office of WorkBC Outreach to identify opportunities for partnership and skills training;produce by the end of 2016 an eight minute film on student skills training as a result of the Solar Energy Project, expandworking relationships with a range of local and regional partners to increase opportunities for students in ICT, trades, and technology skills, and much more.


Bugs begone

Pesticides for silverfish at Nakusp Secondary School, flies at Burton Academy School and Edgewood Elementary School will be administered over spring break. This will be done on a weekend by a local certified exterminator. Safety precautions will be well communicated, and there is no risk after six hours.

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