Rifle prohibition draws criticism

CZ 858 Tactical-2P “Spartan” rifle has been declared prohibited

In a recent move by the RCMP, the CZ 858 Tactical-2P “Spartan” rifle has been declared prohibited as “converted automatics.”

Bob Zimmer, MP for Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies, has criticized this decision.

“This is another example of bureaucracy overstepping and making snap judgments that do nothing but cost law-abiding gun owners and manufacturers unnecessarily,” he said.

“The justification that is given for this particular prohibition is that there are markings on the receiver, stock, pistol grip and hand-guard that make it a special edition,” he continued. “Given that this ‘special edition’ isn’t specifically named as an exemption, they have decided to label it as prohibited.”

The executive of the Tweedsmuir Park Rod and Gun Club supports Zimmer’s statement.

Dallas Matson, president of the Tweedsmuir Park Rod and Gun Club, said the right to possess legal arms by properly registered and licensed residents of Canada should not be infringed upon.

“In this case it would seem that, from our knowledge of the issue, replacing stock wood and adding differing engravings would not change the rifles’ use and therefore we would consider this to be an infringement of gun owner rights,” he said.

“From research done by members of our executive, this rifle is already legal in Canada and can be possessed by individuals with proper registration and licensing,” he continued. “The imposed prohibition by the RCMP is on newly imported rifles only, and those rifles exhibit no difference than ones already legally allowed in Canada, except that the wood used in the stock and some engravings on portions of the rifle are not the same as ones presently allowed in Canada.”

Although the Tweedsmuir Park Rod and Gun Club does not keep an inventory of firearms in the possession of their members, Matson believes this rifle is not widely used in the Lakes District area.

Zimmer added that the federal government should put a stop to these “unnecessary changes that do nothing to promote public safety and only cause uncertainty within the firearms community.”

“Canada already has some of the most stringent laws and regulations in place that provide safe, licensed firearms ownership for law-abiding Canadians, while also ensuring that criminals do not have easy access to firearms,” he said.


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