Logan Findlay in first place, William Bariteau in second place and Carey McFee in third place after the event on Sunday. Photo Submitted

Riders pull stunts for Rail Park Trick Scavenger Hunt

The slopes were full of riders pulling nose grabs and tree taps all day on Sunday

  • Mar. 17, 2020 12:00 a.m.

Fernie Alpine Resort (FAR) put on a thrilling showcase of terrain park madness this past weekend at their Rail Park Trick Scavenger Hunt. Having been postponed from Saturday to Sunday due to extreme weather, seven park rats came out on March 15 to try their luck at everything from 360s on the dance floor, to switch on switch offs on the kink rail.

Upon arrival, each contestant was issued a Trick Scavenger Hunt card, with the goal of checking off as many tricks as possible. While park features were required for most tricks such as the switch onto a box, the clean flat down shotgun rail, or the pretzel out of the dance floor, others could have been performed on any run.

For instance, contenders took to the glades to check off tree tap 360s, and were even awarded points for laps down Mighty Moose and Knot Chutes. This being said, the more difficult tricks were awarded more points, with the winner being the rider to ultimately finish the day with the most boxes checked off of their card.

Ensuring that the tricks were completed and acting as incentive to participate alongside friends, each competitor had to film their tricks in order to get their card stamped by the park crew. While the event carried the nature of friendly competition, its real purpose was to help riders break through the fear of trying new tricks in a fun and supportive environment.

“This event was a fun way to encourage everyone to check out the terrain park and give it a go. The incentive of having Griz Bar and other food and beverage vouchers as the main prizes is to encourage more adults into the park,” said events manager for FAR, Tamika Green. “The event was set up to cater to all ages and abilities and it was great exposure for the terrain park.”

Though there was no award ceremony, the park crew staff handed out spot prizes from their corporate sponsors, Helly Hansen and Jeep, to anyone who landed impressive tricks. Each participant also received 20 per cent off food and beverage vouchers, valid throughout the weekend. After festivities wrapped up, the top three winners were contacted directly to collect their prizes from guest services, with the rider completing the most tricks winning $100 for use at the Griz Bar and Legends, and second and third place receiving $50 and $30 respectively.

Coming in first place was skier Logan Findlay, who wowed the judges with a 630 off the canon rail and a hands in pocket trick over the kink rail. Coming in a close second was William Bariteau, a snowboarder who pulled out a wicked 360 off the handrail, as well as a hardway 360 over the c-rail. The final award was handed out to another snowboarder, Carey McFee, whose best tricks were a 270 onto a box, and a one footed line, lacing together three boxes.

After a fun and successful day full of failures, successes, and perseverance, FAR hopes to continue this event into the future as they strive to support events that encourage people to step outside of their comfort zones and push their riding ability.

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