City staff inspect the Revelstoke’s skate park every week. (Liam Harrap/Revelstoke Review)

City staff inspect the Revelstoke’s skate park every week. (Liam Harrap/Revelstoke Review)

Revelstoke’s parks department proposes maintenance and inspection policy

The policy formally lays out inspection and response timelines

  • Jul. 18, 2019 12:00 a.m.

A policy surrounding city parks inspection and maintenance has been presented to Revelstoke’s Committee of the Whole.

City Public Works staff are responsible for six neighbourhood parks, eight landscaped parks and four undeveloped park site in the city, until now there has been no council-endorsed policy for inspection and maintenance practices of these parks.

“Policy is an important element within the overall risk management strategy of the City of Revelstoke,” said the staff report prepared by Laurie Donato, director of parks, recreation and culture.

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The 11-page policy describes high priority tasks as responses to hazards or critical failures of an item. Response time is within 24 hours of receiving notification and personnel will attend the site to review the issue and a the repair will be scheduled within a week.

Medium priority tasks are described as a response to a failure that will not affect services. The response time is three business days from receiving the notification and the repair will be scheduled within one month.

Low priority issues are described as response to non-critical failures, repairs, service and installation of items. Responses should be within five business days of receiving the notification and the fix should be scheduled within four months.

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According to the policy it is not feasible to have every city park inspected on a weekly or monthly basis. It proposes a an official schedule that will see the operations manager and/or a designate to inspect the park and determine necessary repairs:

  • weekly: skateboard and splash parks-though informal scans will be done daily while staff do other work in the park
  • monthly: playgrounds-though they will be scanned informally daily while staff are performing other duties in the park
  • bi-annually: sport courts, playing fields-to be inspected at the beginning and in the middle of the playing season, users will be encouraged to report defects during the season
  • annually: undeveloped park sites and trails-to be inspected in May every year

The policy includes inspection forms for workers to fill out.

“The proposed policy is consistent with current practice and as such can be adhered to using current budgeting, resources and staff,” the report said.


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